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DINAMO » Distribution Network of Artists' Moving Image Organizations.

We are an international coalition for distribution organisations supporting and promoting artist's moving images. Our goal is to share our common expertise in the areas of advocacy, exhibition, preservation and education.

Argos explores the relationship between art and media and how these influence our perception of the world. Its functions include production, conservation and archiving, as well as presentation – exhibitions, film and video showings, lectures and performances. Additionally, Argos houses a public media library and provides a service for the international distribution of artists’ films, videos and multimedia installations.

ARGOS centre for art and media
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
1000 Brussels

P: +32 2 229 00 03
E: info(at)

Cinema has changed – not only in terms of technology, but also in regard to its relationship to other areas of art, culture and society. arsenal distribution encompasses some 2,000 titles, our archive around 6,000. In 2002, this area was expanded to include artistically experimental film work that often intersects with the fine arts. The interdisciplinary approach opens new spaces: galleries, nightclubs, media staging – film is no longer tied to the movie theater. arsenal edition publishes books and DVDs to accompany the programs of the Institute for Film and Video Art.

Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art
Potsdamer Straße 2 

10785 Berlin

P: +49 (0)30 26955 - 110 / 250
F: +49 (0)30 26955 111
E: distribution(at)

AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art was founded in 1989. AV-arkki distributes media art and experimental moving image to festivals, events, museums and galleries worldwide. AV-arkki has a distribution archive and online service of over 1400 titles. AV-arkki has been a pioneering distributor of Finnish media art for over 20 years and has opened up opportunities for artists to get their works recognized internationally. AV-arkki's activities are unique in both Finland and the other Nordic countries.

AV-arkki. Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
Tallberginkatu 1 C 76
00180 Helsinki

P: +358 40 5570321
E: distribution(at)

Founded in 1967, CFMDC is Canada's foremost non-commercial distributor and resource for independently produced film. Through a unique and successful national and international distribution service, CFMDC makes its film collection available for preview, rental and sale for the purposes of exhibition, screening, broadcast, research, and for institutional and private acquisition. Our distribution activities are complemented by an in-house Resource Centre, screening room, public events and an on-line catalogue of more than 3200 films by over 850 members. For more information, please visit

Founded in Bruce Baillie’s Canyon, California backyard in 1961, Canyon Cinema is dedicated to educating the public about independent, non-commercial, experimental moving image art. We manifest this commitment by providing access to our unrivaled collection to universities and cultural organizations worldwide, as well as cultivating scholarship and appreciation of artist-made cinema. Canyon Cinema’s unique collection traces the vital history of the experimental and avant-garde filmmaking movements of the past century. With a strong emphasis on American West Coast and San Francisco Bay Area artists, we are the access point to 3,400 groundbreaking works, representing 280 artists.

Canyon Cinema Foundation
1777 Yosemite Ave, Suite #210
San Francisco, California 94124

P: +1 (415) 626-2255
E: info(at)

The Center for Visual Music is a nonprofit film archive dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and avant-garde media. CVM is commited to preservation, curation, education, scholarship, and dissemination of the film, performances and other media of this tradition, together with related historical documentation and artwork.

Center for Visual Music
Downtown Los Angeles (Gallery Row)
453 S. Spring Street, Suite 834
Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA

A filmmakers' cooperative founded in 1971 and devoted to distribution and promotion of experimental practice in moving images and filmmaking, Collectif Jeune Cinéma every year organizes multidisciplinary events, regular screenings and programs as well as an international festival, the Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, that takes place in December.

Collectif Jeune Cinéma
18 rue Henri Barbusse
94110 Arcueil

P: +33 983390959
E: cjc(at)

As of 1 January 2010, Filmbank merged with the Filmmuseum, Holland Film and the Dutch Institute for Film Education into the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. Our activities involve the inventory and categorization of relevant Dutch independent art films, the creation of film programmes, publications, events and exhibitions, promotion and distribution at national and international festivals, and an online platform for experimental film.

EYE Film Institute Netherlands
IJpromenade 1
1031KT Amsterdam

FILMFORM is a foundation dedicated to the promotion, distribution and preservation of Swedish experimental film and video art. FILMFORM was initiated 1950 and is the oldest existing organization in Sweden devoted to film and video art. FILMFORM is often engaged as an advisor to museums, galleries, universities and festivals. The archive contains titles from 1924 up to today, works by Swedish artists and filmmakers as well as a selection from all Nordic countries.
FILMFORM is supported by the Ministry of Culture through the Arts Grants Committee.

Svarvargatan 2
S-112 49 Stockholm

P: +46 8 651 84 26
E: info(at)

Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is a nonprofit arts organization that is a leading international resource for video and media art. EAI's core program is the distribution and preservation of a major collection of over 3,500 new and historical video works by artists.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th floor
New York, NY 10011-1119, USA

P: +1 212 337-0680
F: +1 212 337-0679
E: info(at)

Gartenberg Media represents high quality DVD publications of films and videos encompassing important works from the history of the moving image, with particular emphasis on experimental narratives and avant-garde shorts, both classic and contemporary. These DVDs are available on an exclusive basis for sale to educational organizations in North America.

Gartenberg Media Enterprises
143 West 96th Street, Suite 7B
New York, New York 10025 USA

HAMACA is a distributor of video art and media art. The distributor is a non-for-profit organisation at the service of both authors and users, whose aim is to promote the circulation of the works and to generate an economic flow for the artists’ productions. has been created to this effect. At the site you will be able to consult and select the works of 140 of the most important artists working in Spain.

HAMACA, Media & Video Art Distribution from Spain
Pge. Marqués de Santa Isabel 40
08018 Barcelona, Spain

Image Forum is a distributor/exhibitor for experimental film/video which was founded in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan.It holds over 1,000 film/video titles for its collection which is distributed domestically and internationally. Image Forum also organizes non-profit screenings, filmmaking workshops and Image Forum Festival, an annual film/video festival which contains competition program for young artists. Image Forum also established Daguerreo Press Inc. in 1980, a publishing company which has its own DVD label and runs Theater Image Forum, an art house cinema located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The Düsseldorf-based imai Foundation boasts an impressive digital archive and a vast distribution program. Our collection documents the international history of video art from the 1960s until today. Our distribution program includes about 1,500 audio-visual works from more than 120 international artists. The collection features different presentation formats, the majority of which are single channel videos, but we also have some multi-channel video installations in our program. The imai Foundation hires out video art works for screenings, exhibitions and educational purposes, and offers consultation for curators. About 1,300 works from our video archive can be viewed in full length online over at
The imai is non-profit foundation acting on behalf of artists. Half of our revenue is passed on to artists and the other half flows into the activities of the foundation.

imai Foundation
Birkenstraße 47
D–40233 Düsseldorf

P: +49. 211-899 87 98
E: ds(at)

Light Cone is a non-profit making organisation based in Paris with the aim of promoting, distributing and preserving experimental cinema. Its remit covers the different historical forms, as well as contemporary research, both in France and abroad. Its primary mission is the diffusion of the works of its collection to cultural structures such as cinemas, museums, universities, galleries and festivals, etc. The collection, created in 1982, holds nearly 3700 films from 1905 to contemporary works.

Light Cone Distribution
Office address:
157, rue de Crimée, atelier 105
Postal address:
41bis quai de Loire
75019 Paris

P: +33 1 46 59 01 53
F: +33 1 46 59 03 12
E: lightcone(at)

LUX is a UK-based agency for the support and promotion of artists' working with the moving image through distribution, exhibition, publishing, education and research.

Shacklewell Studios
18 Shacklewell Lane
London, E8 2EZ
Great Britain

P: +44 20 7503 3980
E: distribution(at)

LIMA is an international platform for the sustainable access to media art, founded by experts from the former NIMk. LIMA focuses on the research on and the preservation and distribution of media art. Next to taking care of the collections of a broad range of museum and (private) collectors, LIMA houses its own distribution collection of over two thousand artworks by six hundred national and international artists. This selection includes video works dating back to the early experimentalists in the 1960’s up to present day born digital artworks – from Nam June Paik and Marina Abramovic to Constant Dullaart and Nicolas Provost. Around thirty works by well known and upcoming artists are yearly added by a group of experts. With this extensive collection of more than four decades of media art, LIMA is bridging the gap between past and present. With an online catalogue and active distribution policy, LIMA facilitates artists, curators, researchers, educators and the general public – and gains worldwide visibility.

LIMA, The Netherlands
Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD
The Netherlands

P: +31 20 389 20 30

Re:Voir’s mission is to make available classic and contemporary experimental films for home use as video reproductions (VHS, DVD). The company was founded in Paris in 1994. In 2005 Re:Voir also started a non-profit gallery called The Film Gallery, the first art gallery exclusively dedicated to experimental film.

Re:Voir / The Film Gallery
43 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
75010 Paris

P: +33 954 225 111
F: +33 1 424 00 427
E: info(at)

sixpackfilm was founded 1990 as a non-profit-organization and is internationally active in the distribution, sales and rental of all types of Austrian art films and videos (artists’ works, documentaries, essays, animations, fiction). Our program currently includes approximately 1.800 titles, among them many classics of the Austrian Avant-Garde can be discovered. sixpackfilm works with and for festivals, curators, collections, journalists, TV-stations, academics, students, cinemas, museums and filmmakers. In 2004 we founded together with Medienwerkstatt Wien the DVD-Label INDEX. Since 2019 INDEX Edition is run by sixpackfilm and the publications are also available for streaming and download:

Neubaugasse 45/13
1070 Wien

Founded in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank is an essential destination for video by and about contemporary artists. The extensive collection is made available to cultural institutions through an international distribution program, and VDB strives to foster a deeper understanding of video art through an extensive range of programs.

Video Data Bank
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S. Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603, USA

P: +1 312 345 3550
E: info(at)

Video Out Distribution is a non-profit, non-exclusive distributor of media art on video to galleries, festivals, educational institution collections and broadcasters nationally and internationally. The primary activity of Video Out is to provide artist driven distribution services that promote the practices of independent media art and earn revenue for independent media artists. In addition, we provide curatorial, exhibition and research support through communication about the videotape collection. The foundation of both these activities is ongoing collection management and preservation activity.

Video Out Distribution
1965 Main St.
Vancouver BC, V5T 3C1

P: +1 604 872 8449
F: +1 604 876 1185
E: info(at)

Founded in 1983 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Video Pool Media Arts Centre is dedicated to the production, distribution, programming of independent video, audio and computer-integrated multimedia art works. With over 2000 titles in our collection, Video Pool is a unique resource for the preservation and dissemination of media art produced in the Canadian Prairies over the past 30 years.

Video Pool Media Arts Centre
300-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1H3

P: +1 204-949-9134
E: vpdist(at)

Vtape is a distribution and information resource centre specializing in the visibility of media artworks by artists. Born from a love of video art, and actively involved in fulfilling the needs of artists, Vtape makes its exceptional collection of over 5,000 contemporary video artworks accessible to an international community of educators, curators and diverse public audiences. Vtape is committed to establishing video art preservation standards and to the presentation of artists’ and curators’ work. Vtape provides a framework for established and emerging artists, and strives to support hybrid practices in an increasingly complex cultural milieu. Vtape is dedicated to providing training opportunities for young cultural workers to gain essential experience with contemporary media arts discourse and historical artists’ practices, and to increasing an awareness of Aboriginal media arts production worldwide.

401 Richmond Street West, Suite 452

 Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3A8

P: +1 416 351 1317
E: distribution(at)

The Winnipeg Film Group is a non-profit organization that distributes creative, independent Canadian films nationally and internationally, with a focus on short films spanning all four genres ˆ experimental, animation, narrative, and documentary. We focus on promoting our filmmakers at film festivals and other artistic venues, and selling DVDs in the educational market.

Winnipeg Film Group
304 - 100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1H3

P: +1 204 925-3452
F: +1 204 942-6799
E: distribution(at)

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